fun:[英 [fʌn] 美 [fʌn] ]


过去式:funned;   过去分词:funned;   现在分词:funning;

fun 基本解释

名词乐趣; 娱乐活动; 嬉戏,嬉闹; 有趣的事

形容词开心的; 使人愉快的

不及物动词嬉闹; 开玩笑

fun 相关词组

1. for fun : 开玩笑地;

2. like fun : [口]有力地, 迅速地, 完全地, 彻底地;

fun 相关例句


1. He was just funning.



1. Mr.Smith is great fun.


2. fun

2. He's fond of fun.


3. fun的近义词

3. The little dog's full of fun.


4. His uncle is fond of fun.


fun 情景对话

Before Leaving Home-(离家前)

A:Susan, good evening. Why are you so dressed up??


B:I am on my way out to a New Year’s banquet. How do I look? Is my make-up OK?


A:You look great. Your make-up is perfect.


B:Do you think I should wear a different dress?


A:No, the one you have on looks fabulous, especially with your hair like that.


B:Thanks for saying. Do you have any ideas which necklace I should wear?


A:With that dress I’d say your white diamond necklace would look perfect.


B:Thanks for helping out?. Now that I’m ready, what are you doing tonight?


A:Not much, just a house party? with some friends.



B:Sounds fun. Anyone I know?


A:Yeah, most of the people are from our office.


B:Sounds Like Im missing out on? a good time. Oh, well, there is always next year.


A:I’m sure you’ll have fun no matter where you go. Remember to take your bag.


fun 网络解释

1. fun的翻译

1. 游乐车:澳大利亚联邦汽车工业商会将摩托车细分为全用途摩托车(AllTerrainVehicles,ATVs)和两轮摩托车两大类,后者又可细分为电动脚踏车(Scooter)、游乐车(Fun)、路用车(RoadMotorCycle)和越野车(off-RoadMotorC...在联合国驻伊拉克办事处遭到汽车炸弹袭击以后,

2. fun:function; 功能,函数,操作

3. fun:frye utilities for networks; 弗赖伊网络实用工具〖软件名〗

fun 双语例句

1. It ain't no fun, is it?


2. Thousands of videos have been made available via applicable online portals such as YouTube, VideU, MyVideo, ClipFish and GoogleVideo. They offer amusing fun videos, film trailers, snippets of cult movies and serious documentations.

网络视频转换工具,可以将 YouTube、VideU、MyVideo、ClipFish 和 GoogleVideo等这样的视频分享门户网站中的视频直接转换为可以保存在您的电脑中的视频文件,您所需要做的仅仅是将该链接添加到本软件中。

3. fun的解释

3. The Second session, as the extension of the frist one, which was speculated deeply for a whole year, now is time to have fun together.


4. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.



5. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun


6. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, ...



7. Answer: Okay. Let`s invite Director Chen; he`s tons of fun!


8. I don't want to spoil the fun, but could you turn the music down a bit?


9. I'm not out to spoil the fans'fun!


10. Far be it from me to spoil the fun.


11. Okay here's what you're supposed to do, try not to be lame and spoil the fun: change all the answers so they apply to you.

好 在这里是什么你应该做,试不是跛足的而且破坏乐趣:改变所有的答案,如此他们适用于你。

12. And on many of the country's beaches, garbage, raw sewage and medical wastes washed up to spoil the fun of bathers and confront them personally with the growing despoliation of the oceans.


13. Ten pin bowling is popular, especially among teens, as it is very exciting and fun to play.


14. I really like the fun art style and great character designs.


15. fun

15. Yes, I came to make fun out of it. Hahaha~.


16. fun

16. Emai draw peple more closely, because it brought us unprecedented convenience in our daily life and work, and it adds the fun we have never thought of to our lives.


17. fun的意思

17. It is strange that at this initial moment, I felt very clear on what you have is unique, not only are my all and you know people can feel in your body: You are a dual personality of the person, is a passion, frivolous fun of Youth, at the same time is a very solemn at the cause of a strong sense of responsibility, a very profound, very quality people.


18. fun

18. I`m strongly against talking loudly in the cinema, for this behavior shows no respect at all to others; what`s worse, it upsets the audience who are in the mood of having fun.


19. In the cinema, some people talk loudly on cell phones in front of others. I'm strongly against talking loudly in the cinema, for this behavior shows no respect at all to others; what's worse, it upsets the audience who are in the mood of having fun.


20. fun的近义词

20. In the cinema, some people talk loudly on cell phones in front of others. I`m strongly against talking loudly in the cinema, for this behavior shows no respect at all to others; what`s worse, it upsets the audience who are in the mood of having fun.

在影片中,有些人大声说话手机在前面的超越很强烈反对大声喧哗,因为这在电影院都不尊重行为对他人,更糟的是,它会在观众的乐趣。10,Difficulty in studying English英语学习困难

fun 词典解释

1. 趣事;乐趣

You refer to an activity or situation as fun if you think it is pleasant and enjoyable and it causes you to feel happy.

e.g. This year promises to be terrifically good fun...


e.g. It was such a success and we had so much fun doing it...


2. 有趣的人;好玩的人

If you say that someone is fun, you mean that you enjoy being with them because they say and do interesting or amusing things.


e.g. Liz was wonderful fun to be with.


3. 令人愉快的;让人开心的;有趣的

If you describe something as a fun thing, you mean that you think it is enjoyable. If you describe someone as a fun person, you mean that you enjoy being with them.


e.g. It was a fun evening...


e.g. What a fun person he is!


4. 荒唐可笑的人;引人嘲笑的人

Someone who is a figure of fun is considered ridiculous, so that people laugh at them or make jokes about them.

5. 为了好玩

If you do something for fun or for the fun of it, you do it in order to enjoy yourself rather than because it is important or necessary.


e.g. I took my M. A. just for fun really...


e.g. He had just come for the fun of it.


6. (尤指不负责任的)玩笑,嬉闹,恶作剧

You can refer to playful behaviour as fun and games, especially if you disapprove of it because you think it is irresponsible.

e.g. Police suspected that the boys, whose fun and games hurt a lot of people, were on drugs.


7. 开玩笑地;闹着玩地

If you do something in fun, you do it as a joke or for amusement, without intending to cause any harm.

e.g. Don't say such things, even in fun.


8. 取笑;戏弄;拿…开玩笑

If you make fun of someone or something or poke fun at them, you laugh at them, tease them, or make jokes about them in a way that causes them to seem ridiculous.

e.g. Don't make fun of me...


e.g. She poked fun at people's shortcomings.


fun 单语例句

1. Many young entrepreneurs said online business helps lower costs and increase efficiency, and also offers opportunities to make friends and find fun.

2. This cluster of a baker's dozen plus nightspots is heavily gimmicky, but there's something fun for everyone among the particularly thematic watering holes found here.

3. Deputy President Fong Chee Fun will act as substitute for the president.

4. But for most children, a mobile phone is more for fun.

5. But by and large, the CBA's fans are intelligent and fun to share an arena with.

6. What was worse, the little girl calmly claimed that all her classmates downloaded the short messages for fun.

7. Although I wouldn't mind a cameo - that would be fun.

8. A professional coach from the GS Academy will oversee this weeklong camp to teach children proper tennis techniques while focusing on fitness and fun.

9. It's great fun to have a barbecue by a campfire on the beach at night.

10. With many outdoor lakes opened as skating sites last week around downtown Beijing, skating fans can hit the ice for some winter fun.

fun的解释fun 英英释义


1. activities that are enjoyable or amusing

e.g. I do it for the fun of it

he is fun to have around

Synonym: merrimentplayfulness

2. violent and excited activity

e.g. she asked for money and then the fun began

they began to fight like fun

3. a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement

e.g. her playfulness surprised me

he was fun to be with

Synonym: playfulness

4. verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)

e.g. he became a figure of fun

he said it in sport

Synonym: playsport