page:[英 [peɪdʒ] 美 [pedʒ] ]


过去式:paged;   现在分词:paging;   复数形式:pages;

page 基本解释


名词页; (计算机的)页面; 年史; 重要事件

及物动词标记…的页数; 翻页; 喊出名字以寻找; (在公共传呼系统上)呼叫

不及物动词翻书页; 浏览


page 相关例句


1. Mr. Black is being paged.


2. page

2. The nurse paged the doctor on the loudspeaker.



1. I was paging through a magazine when he came in.



1. The book has 120 pages.


2. page的近义词

2. Many men also read the sports pages and the financial pages.


page 情景对话

International Trade-(国际贸易)

A:Hello. Sales Department. This is Betty Fields speaking.


B:Hello, Ms Fields. This is Ralph Peterson at World Computers.


A:Yes, how may I help you?


B:Im interested in a couple of items in your new catalog, and I would like to know the prices.


A:Great. Were offering a special promotional price on a few of the items. Which items did you have in mind?


B:Were particularly interested in your new RS-five sound card shown on page five of your catalog. I would also like more details about the model RS-four card on page seven.

我们特别中意你们目录第五页里的新型RS-5 的声卡。我还想知道更多关于第七页里RS-4 型声卡的细节。

A:OK. The price on the RS-five is forty-five U.S. dollars for quantities up to five hundred units. Then we offer quantity discounts for larger orders.

好的。数量有达到五百片的话,RS-5 的价格是四十五美元。大量定购的话我们还有折扣。

B:And the price on the RS-four?

那RS-4 的价格呢?

A:The RS-four is one of our promotional items this month. For orders received by the end of the month, the price is thirty-three dollars each. That price is good on any size order.

RS-4 是我们本月的促销产品之一,本月底前接到订单的话,单价是三十三美元。不管定单数量多少都是这个价格。


B:That price sounds good. Could you send me more details about the RS-four, including the specifications?

这个价格听起来不错。你可以寄给我更详细的RS-4 型的资料和说明书吗?

A:Certainly. I can fax or E-mail that information to you this afternoon.


B:Terrific. Ill get back to you after Ive reviewed the details. Thank you. Good-bye.




A:Good morning, Mr. Smith. I brought the contract you are been looking for.Please go over the draft of the contract.



B:OK. Sit down, please. What would you like, Chinese tea or coffee?


A:Thank you. Id very much like to have a cup of Chinese tea.


B:Here you are.





B:Yes. I have one question about clause 8.Are these the terms that we agreed on?


A:OK. Lets have a look at it.


B:10 percent down and the balance at the time of shipment?Thats what I mean.



A:Yes, I think thats what we stipulated.


B:Ill need a few minutes to check over my notes again.




B:Yes, it is right.


A:Good. Can we sign them right away?


B:Of course.S Hand me the pen.


A:Here you are.


B:Where shall I put my signature?


A:Here, on the last page.Well sign two originals, each in the Chinese and English language.Both are equally effective.


B:OK. Is that all?


A:No. Will you also initial this change on page 2, please?


B:Im glad our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion.


A:I hope this will lead to further business between us.


B:All we have to do now is shake hands.



A:OK, and go out and have a drink to congratulate ourselves.


B:Thats a great idea.


page 网络解释

1. 页数:其中完全计费型又可分为以套装(package)方式为单位、以期刊种数(journal title)为单位、以文章篇数(article)为单位、以页数(page)为单位. 然而实际计费方式并非如此单纯,常搭配使用人数、单位大小、单位类型、馆藏数量等.

2. page:polypropylene acyl amine gel electrophoresis; 聚丙烯酰胺凝胶电泳

3. page:polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis; 凝胶电泳

4. page是什么意思

4. page:polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoresis; 聚丙烯酰胺凝胶圆盘电泳

5. page

5. page:polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; 聚丙烯酰胺

page 双语例句

1. What moved me even more was finding a copy of a page out of the yearbook from my graduation year. It was the page where my classmates and I were wearing our square hats.


2. Our experiments show that this algorithm can effectively reveal new interesting page groups, which would not be found without frame filtering.


3. This is the image Cuil product search engine from Aberdeen on the page from a photo.


4. After the page that open, clew because I am long-term did not login, your password has expired, install new code please.


5. Check out the nitrogen cycle page to learn more.


6. Once the page is built on your computer, the connection is dropped until you perform an action that requires the connection.



7. Gently shake youth Campanula ring, a pleasant voice on the heart attack, looked up rays in the halo of colorful dreams, a few heart will indulge in the glory of touching: the stream of history, the splendid ancient Chinese poem so elegant that the idea of flying the look, clean up one's soul and beautify their own temperament; breathing poetry of the text in the mellow air, let poets of sentiment or feeling melancholy; then Qingli poetic, sincere love, dream The gorgeous cast of human soul, the soul of the strokes used to write their own lines, to the life of paper left on a clean page.


8. page的解释

8. The final output would be one-piece imposed page films lin four colours, or four press-ready printing plates.


9. Into the algorithm, first-out (2) at least recently used algorithm (3) the best out of algorithm In this experiment, the page address stream length of 320, the page number for each failure to visit the corresponding instructions, the instructions corresponding to the number of pages is not memory.


10. You are right, once we have established the blog, we can have a good advertise page!



11. Hold to half an year, when be about to abandon, discover the website is restored by Baidu suddenly today, shanghai entrance guard, the 2nd page arrives on the key word such as entrance guard system, the first page is Baidu contest price. Site discovery is collected increase, still thinking is he was misreaded. Be mad with joy!


12. page

12. Every page is relevant to you and part of a structured process.


13. The content of this page is from the TOMBOLO port or TOMBOLO customs import and export company directory


14. The salt-rich plasma acts as a protective layer around the brain, but because Mrs Page's contained such low levels of the mineral, water had entered the brain, causing permanent damage.


15. Most beginning to think is by K, but discover home page still is in, so also eliminated this likely, but it is to give it seems that fall counterpoised, because of Site:hAosec. com reads the content that is less than home page at all, is allied page, although allied page can be updated everyday, but this also cannot become his result to be built high advocate reason ah, the platoon that began a problem then is checked.


16. The information of these rubbish mail will appear on the data page of the user, show the user likes medicaments of force of property of hempen, man to wait it seems that.


17. You can click'''unwatch'''to unwatch a page.


18. Want the website that knows a lot of stationmaster were done one year, looked numerous optimized article and experience, maintain update the plane with rich and colorful everyday, comprehensive function, the discharge of 10 thousand IP or Yao cannot reach one sky, dan Qiushi is amounted to depend on a page merely can base oneself upon and Baidu transcend the rank with discharge very good keyword, it may be said is to have very strong technical with sound SEO technology.


19. I consider it is a great understanding in Chinese Exlibris. In my opinion, it is not large-scale exhibition but it will occupy a significant page in Chinese Exlibris.



20. With that said, there`s certainly nothing wrong with Rojo, and the page load times are pretty quick.

与说,有当然没有错,rojo ,和网页载入的时代是相当快速。

page 词典解释

1. (书、杂志、报纸等的)页,面,版

A page is one side of one of the pieces of paper in a book, magazine, or newspaper. Each page usually has a number printed at the top or bottom.

e.g. Where's your book? Take it out and turn to page 4.


e.g. ...the front page of the Guardian.


2. (书、杂志、报纸等的)纸页

The pages of a book, magazine, or newspaper are the pieces of paper it consists of.

e.g. He turned the pages of his notebook...


e.g. Over the page you can read all about the six great books on offer.


3. (历史的)一页(指重大事件或重要时期)

You can refer to an important event or period of time as a page of history.

e.g. ...a new page in the country's political history.


4. (在公共场合通过广播)呼叫

If someone who is in a public place is paged, they receive a message, often over a speaker, telling them that someone is trying to contact them.

e.g. He was paged repeatedly as the flight was boarding...


e.g. I'll have them paged and tell them you're here.


5. (婚礼上新娘的)男伴童,小男傧相

A page is a small boy who accompanies the bride at a wedding.

in BRIT, use 英国英语用 pageboy

6. (美国国会或州立法会的)青年助理

A page is a young person who takes messages or does small jobs for members of the United States Congress or state legislatures.

7. (旧时做骑士侍从的)实习骑士

In former times, a page was a young boy who was a knight's servant and was learning to be a knight.

page 单语例句page什么意思

1. They can publish the registration number for their business charters on the Web page of their online stores.

2. The Times of India on Tuesday splashed its front page with " Quitting buzz grips the capital " despite strong official denials that Singh would quit.

3. Her fans have posted messages on her official MySpace page urging her to clean up her act.

4. The number of hits to the page soared by the tens of thousands after the story broke.

5. Each page of the calendar has a photo of one of the female students in her undergarments and a personal message to the prime minister.

6. Page has been in China for nine years, and like most of her guests she's not watching the clock or the calendar.

7. It allows potential buyers to call up sellers by clicking a link in a Web page.

8. Although the picture has been published by the New York Times on its front page, the caption made no mention of the attack by the rioters.

9. Click " Like " on the Le Chef Facebook page for a 50 percent discount on the a la carte dinner menu till Dec 18.

10. The fact is that neither the monitoring center nor local residents are wrong, but they are not on the same page.

pagepage 英英释义


1. one side of one leaf (of a book or magazine or newspaper or letter etc.) or the written or pictorial matter it contains

2. in medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood

Synonym: varlet

3. a youthful attendant at official functions or ceremonies such as legislative functions and weddings

4. a boy who is employed to run errands

Synonym: pageboy


1. contact, as with a pager or by calling somebody's name over a P.A. system

2. number the pages of a book or manuscript

Synonym: foliatepaginate

3. work as a page

e.g. He is paging in Congress this summer